Power of Two has a wide variety of offerings to bring to your community. Whatever the need, we can work together to find something that works for you!


Power of Two values education very highly as both Kayla and Danielle are educators. They offer masterclasses, workshops, and clinics to all ages and levels in all settings. During our recitals, we talk about the background behind the pieces, what they represent, and create a space that is accessible for all. Approaching the recital in this way removes the barrier and perceived hierarchy between performers and audience, and creates a place to explore and use our imaginations as we listen.


In our programming, we are constantly looking for more and better ways to better represent our society today. From digging to resurrect hidden jems to comissioning new works, we aim to have a diverse background of pieces and composers that include BIPOC and LGBTQ+ composers. As female-identifying performers, we know first-hand how important representation is, and it is our mission to create well-balanced and diverse concert programs for all ages.


Outreach is one of core values, and some of our favourite experiences are visiting schools, health care facilities, seniors' homes, churches, and more! We offer unique and diverse programming to make the most out of our visit, and we cannot wait to connect with you and your community. We are currently planning a prairie-wide tour in June 2022, so please contact us if you are interested in hosting us!